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#1 Posted : 30 June 2006 18:15:09(UTC)
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Code of Conduct.

All references to members here will apply for every rank from initiate to guild master.

As with all things, our guild is governed by certain Rules of Conduct ("Code of Conduct") that must be adhered to by all members of Mystical Odour. It is your responsibility to know, understand and abide by these Rules of Conduct. The following rules are not meant to be exhaustive, and the officers of Mystical Odour reserves the right to determine which conduct it considers to be outside the spirit of the guild and to take such disciplinary measures as it sees fit within the powers of the guild up to and including a kick from the guild.

All members will have to accept and follow these rules.

§ When an applicant is taken in to Mystical Odour agrees to follow these rules of conduct for the entire time being a member of Mystical Odour.

§ First and foremost, members of Mystical Odour must adhere to the Terms of Use agreement that goes along with the game. This covers a lot of inappropriate misconduct that need not even be guild rules; they are game rules such as use of any exploits or glitches found in the game that are considered violations by Blizzard.

§ When communicating on public forums / boards and other public media where the name of Mystical Odour appear related to your name, make sure to inform people that what you are posting is your own opinions and not that of the guild. Do not post on public forums about the guild unless approved by the officers of the guild.

§ Behaviour: When you join the Mystical Odour, you wear that badge above your head at all times in game. Everything you do is a potential reflection of the guild as a whole. Therefore the results of your actions will fire back on the whole guild. You are to act with this in mind and treat other people with respect and be polite.

Griefing is a major issue that can backfire on the good name of the guild. Griefing includes a number of things, but it mostly consists of actions that may not be written in stone as offensive by Blizzard, but rather derived as inappropriate behaviour by the World of Warcraft community. The Maelstrom is a PvP realm, so ganking people (including low levels), GY camping, and other PvP related activities that may be looked upon as griefing on Normal realms is not looked upon as griefing on this realm. Some examples of griefing include:
• Seeing that a player or group of the same fraction has been waiting for an enemy to spawn, then running in and snagging it before they can as soon as it appears.
• Using spells or skills on an enemy that another player of the same fraction is fighting which may cause that player grief or frustration.
• When in a party, taking an item without first asking if anyone else wants it. If anyone else wants the item, too, all interested players should roll for it (use the /roll command).
• Looting veins, flowers and so on while someone of the same fraction is fighting a nearby mob and maybe trying to get to the resources.

One of the biggest benefits to being a guild member is having a large group of friends to help you progress through the game. As such, we greatly encourage members to freely share items amongst the guild. While it is not required that you give up every item you don't want to a fellow guild member, a quick message to the guild channel asking if anyone wants an item that you don't is generally a nice thing to do. Charging guild members for items and services is frowned upon, but we realize that it might be necessary for expensive trade skills such as Enchanting.

Your fellow guild members are your in-game family. Treat them as you would your own blood. You are required to treat other members of the guild with the outmost respect. How you actually feel about them is not relevant, but your behaviour is.

§ Should a disagreement between two or more guild members occur, the situation will be handled and discussed in a mature manner. It is to be understood that each member is different and opinions may vary. If a disagreement cannot be resolved between two people, then the situation should be brought up to an officer for moderation.

§ An excessive amount of complaining, non-constructive criticism, arguing within the guild, etc., will result in removal from the guild. This does not mean that members can never complain, criticize or argue. The keyword here is "excessive", meaning that it reaches the point where it affects guild cohesiveness. Any guild member that engages in excessively disruptive behaviour will receive a cautionary warning first, and if that behaviour continues, they will be booted from the guild.

§ Mystical Odour has a standard of quality play that we intend to maintain. If any guild member is found to be extremely lacking in their skills, they may be voted on by the officers for removal from the guild. The important phrase here is "extremely lacking."

§ All members will have a main character. We will not allow you to join with your alt in this guild, unless your main is already in the guild. You will join Mystical Odour with your main, this is the character that was the foundation for the applicant initiated into Mystical Odour and will be the main character unless the member request to change the main to an alt and accepted by the officers. This main will have priorities in all guild business such as raid attandance, requesting materials from guild bank and so on.

§ You will need to install the required AddOns that Mystical Odour uses in Raids.

§ No slacking. This means that you are to be focused. You must inform the raid leaders if you go AFK. Being AFK for more than 15 will result in a booting from the raid.

§ Come prepared. This means you will need to have all pots such as mana potions or class appropriate pot boosters, as well as any other materials needed for your class / spec. HSing back to Orgrimmar to enchant and gem your new piece of equipment is frowned upon, bring materials with you, if you wish to do it on raid time.

§ Follow all the instructions given by the raid leaders. Not doing so can result in penalties such as lower chance to receive any loot (by the decision of loot council), or suspensions from participating in certain guild events. Do not start to question or object to strategies and/or loot rules while in the raid. Take all such discussions to the forums after the raid is finished.

§ Guild ranks will give priorities in raid attendance.

§ Full blown members will have precedence over initates on loot.

§ You are not allowed to raid with other guilds in end game instances. You will need to ask permission from the officers before doing this.

Please take your time to read this every once in a while. The rules can be changed as we fight our way through glory!

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