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Offline Boltti  
#1 Posted : 11 June 2013 00:24:02(UTC)
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Player information
* Your name: Iisa
* Any silly nickname from childhood?: Iisu
* How old are you in real life: 18
* Where do you live: Finland, With Boltti
* At what times are you usually online: At evenings atleast same time as Boltti 17-23/24+

Character information
* Name: Azeneth
* Class / Specialization / Race: Shaman, Elemental, Troll
* Current Level: 90
* Total time played on this char: 8 day 11 hour (several days more on the other account which is shared with bro and sis)
* Tradeskills (including secondary skills and level): JC 575 & Mining 509 Currently, Others gonna be raised later on
* Your profile in Armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow...elstrom/Azeneth/advanced

* Explain briefly your Talent choice of each Talent tier
Astral Shift: Good damage reduction on bad moments
Frozen Power: good for freezing a target still, but could also switch it to more beneficial for raiding, to windwalk totem, which grants immunity to movement speed effects
Call of the Elements: Handy for resetting for excample the tremor totem
Echo of the Elements: clearly the best choise out of these 3, a chance to get an extra spell, on a spellcast
Conductivity: But switching to healing tide totem because of better healing in a tough situation
Elemental Blast: "Best choice" out of these 3, deals great damage and rises either haste mastery or crit for 8 sec by 3500 and it has a 12 sec cooldown, OP :)
* Are you ready to occasionally play as a different role than your main spec? Enhancement if needed :)

* List your Alts: Nessira (85 monk) Qwestira (90 Priest) Razannah (~75 hunter)

The basics
* Which specific days can you raid? (raid times are from 19:00 until 23:00): all days basicly
* Will you be active reading and using our forums?: yes
* You understand that when joining MO we expect you to be available as a resource for the guild?: of course :)
* Have you read and accepted the Code of Conduct?: yes
* Do you have pink goggles? (example): sadly no

Guild and raid information
* Your raiding experience
Vanilla: been playing, no raiding experience tho
TBC: neither here
WotLK: naxx, ulduar (almost all), and togc cleared (normals all) ICC a bit over halfway
Cata: on a break
MoP: ToT LFR with Boltti & MSV normal, HoF 2 bosses

* Guild history (including why you left): cannot remember
* Friend’s in MO: -
* Why do you wish to join MO: To get a good raiding atmosphere and great progress in normal human hours
* What are your expectations from MO?: ^ :)
* In what way would you take your responsibility as a member of MO?: I am a good player eventhough my raiding experience doesn't show that, never were into bigger raiding until i started to play with Boltti. and all the wotlk raids always required those silly achievements or very ridiculously high "gearscore"
* Are you currently applying to other guilds than MO? no i am not
* What makes a good guild? good players, great fun together, image to others
* How did you find out about us? from Boltti


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Offline doomday  
#2 Posted : 11 June 2013 17:17:47(UTC)
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Thank you for your application. We will discuss it with officer team and you should get an asnwer in few days.
Good luck!
Offline Nervath  
#3 Posted : 12 June 2013 18:50:14(UTC)
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You have been ACCEPTED to the guild as Elemental Shaman!
However, we still want you to sometimes be ready to play Enhancement offspec if that is needed.
So You are accepted as Elemental MS, with Enhancement OS.

You will be invited for a trial (usually about 2-3 weeks depending on activity). During that period you will be evaluated and may be granted a full membership after the trial period is up. Gaining the Member status requires high raiding activity, skill with playing your class, being prepared for the raids and also showing friendly and dedicated attitude.
The reward for all of the above is getting loot and raid invite priority over Initiates, so good luck on your way to the top! :]

Welcome to smelly family of Mystical Odour!
Please contact one of the officers ingame for an invite. (Arelis,Nervath,Doomday,Kaghar )
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