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Offline Djaylee  
#1 Posted : 02 March 2013 11:29:39(UTC)
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Player information
My name is Joyce
They always called meJosje And Joycie
And I am 22 years old,
I live in the Netherlands,
I log in at around 19:00, can be earlier. and during the day some short moments.

Character information
* Name: Djaylee
* Class / Specialization / Race: Priest , Shadow , Bloodelf
* Current Level: 90 / Ilvl 493
* Total time played on this char: 43 days 13 hours 17 minutes ..
My Proffession(s) ; Tailoring 600 / Enchanting 610 / and Cooking 600 /archeology 600 / Fishing 472 / First aid 600 :3
My armory profile ; http://eu.battle.net/wow...maelstrom/Djaylee/simple

I have chosen for these talents ; Psyfiend, Its good when you have more mobs on you that you can CC so they will be feared, the other talents didnt seem any other good in PVE.
2nd Talent is; Phantasm, Its compared to Fade, i thought it whas the best for PVE.
3th Talent is;From darkness comes light, More dps, less casting time, seemed legit for me.
4th Talent is; Desperate prayer , FOr survival.
5th Talent is; Divine Insight, More dps, less mana loss ^^
6th Talent is; Halo, for AOE dmg, and heals, the person thats the farest away gets the most healing.
* Are you ready to occasionally play as a different role than your main spec?
To be honest, i once tried to heal, and went OOM in like 40 sec, I will need to learn, wich wil take some time :$

* List your Alts:
My ''Main'' alt is; Libertey > Orc Warlock > Afflicition / OS; Destruction. Lvl 90 and Ilvl 482
And a undead mage, Called Díva, Lvl 60, Spec; Frost
I also have a lvl 90 Balance druid, but i really cant get the rotation in my head, so i gave up on her, and will learn how to heal on a druid soon.

The basics
* Which specific days can you raid? (raid times are from 19:00 until 23:00): I can raid every day
* Will you be active reading and using our forums?: Yes i will :)
* You understand that when joining MO we expect you to be available as a resource for the guild?: Ofcourse i understand!
* Have you read and accepted the Code of Conduct?: Yes i did :)
* Do you have pink goggles? (example): Nope.. :(

Guild and raid information
* Your raiding experience
Vanilla: All
TBC: All
WotLK: Some
Cata: Some
MoP: Normal progress ( MSV & first 2 bosses HoF )

* Guild history (including why you left): Cantaloop, What a guild where my rl friend whas in, but max ppl online was 3. so i decided to search for a more active guild thats when i bumped into > TheSocialGang, been there for a while, but the people in there had some rl issues and projected on the guild, and for me it whas no more ''fun'' to log in and hear alot of depressive stuff, im on WoW to have fun :)
* Friend’s in MO: Not really friends, but Arelis approached me and my husband.
* Why do you wish to join MO: I want to have fun and do raids, with serious,mature and fun people :)
* What are your expectations from MO?: The info is clear of what i can expect from MO :) thats why i apply.
* In what way would you take your responsibility as a member of MO?: being there as needed, being social helping others out with the things i can help
* Are you currently applying to other guilds than MO? Nope :) i have my mind on MO
* What makes a good guild? The people:)
* How did you find out about us? Arelis :)

Hope to see you all soon !

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Offline Nervath  
#2 Posted : 02 March 2013 15:34:05(UTC)
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Nice application Djaylee :]

Officer team will discuss it and you should get an answer in few days. Good Luck!
Offline Supercow  
#3 Posted : 02 March 2013 18:12:37(UTC)
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Hey there glad to see you guys apply! Good luck:]

He came, He saw, He conquered! He is SUPERCOW!
Offline Djaylee  
#4 Posted : 02 March 2013 18:23:06(UTC)
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Thank you! *fingers crossed* :)

Offline Nervath  
#5 Posted : 02 March 2013 20:57:55(UTC)
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You have been ACCEPTED to the guild as Shadow Priest!
However we want You to be ready to sometimes heal with your healing spec.
So You are accepted as Shadow MS, with healing OS.

You will be invited for a trial (usually about 2-3 weeks depending on activity). During that period you will be evaluated and may be granted a full membership after the trial period is up. Gaining the Member status requires high raiding activity, skill with playing your class, being prepared for the raids and also showing friendly and dedicated attitude.
The reward for all of the above is getting loot and raid invite priority over Initiates, so good luck on your way to the top! :]

Welcome to smelly family of Mystical Odour!
Please contact one of the officers ingame for an invite. (Doomday, Kaghar, Nervath, Arelis)
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