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Offline Aerinas  
#1 Posted : 30 September 2012 01:11:22(UTC)
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Player information
* Your name: Kevin
* Any silly nickname from childhood?: nope
* How old are you in real life: 23
* Where do you live: Ede, Gelderland, The Netherlands
* At what times are you usually online: Varies. During weekdays I'm mostly online during the evening. In the weekends sometimes in the morning, sometimes later, it all depends on what time I wake up and if I feel like playing :).

Character information
* Name: Gagast
* Class / Specialization / Race: druid/guardian/tauren
* Current Level: 90
* Total time played on this char: 10 days
* Tradeskills (including secondary skills and level): skinning+leatherworking (both max) fishing (150ish)
* Your profile in Armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow...-maelstrom/Gagast/simple

* Explain briefly your Talent choice of each Talent tier:
tier 1: Feline Swiftness (+15% movement speed at all times). Because I think as a tank it is really nice to be able to be somewhere fast, I chose this instead of charge so I can kite mobs more easily.
tier 2: Renewal (30% of max hp self-heal). 30% is a lot and it can really save the healer some mana in stressful situations. In certain raid compositions where not a lot of people have a combat res Nature's switfness might be better, so I would choose that.
tier 3: Personally, as a tank, I hate knockback effects like thunderstorm and typhoon. Mangle already applies a 50% movement speed reduction, so the only thing remotely useful for me is Mass Entanglement.
tier 4: Incarnation (superior form). Son of Ursoc is a really nice burst dps CD, but it also reduces the cooldown of growl to 1.5 seconds and can therefore be used in situations where a lot of adds spawn to get aggro fast. On top of that it lets me use mangle every 1.5 second which generates rage which I can use for Frenzied Regeneration / Savage Defense.
tier 5: Mighty Bash (stun). It's always nice to have a stun / extra interrupt :). I don't feel like it's useful for a tank to be able to run into a group of mobs and disorient them, or slow a few mobs in an area.
tier 6: Heart of the Wild (lotsa stuff 0o). It gives me 6% more agility, which increases my ap and crit. Leader of the Pack heals me when I crit, so crit is nice. It also lets me use Rejuvenation in bear form.

* Are you ready to occasionally play as a different role than your main spec?: I really don't like kitty, but if asked, I would try. I have absolutely no resto/balance gear, so it would take some time to be able to play those specs, but I would try if asked.

* List your Alts:
The Maelstrom:
Aerena lvl 85 disc/holy priest, tailoring+enchanting somewhere between 525-600
Mehitu lvl 73 prot warrior, mining+blacksmithing somewhere 400ish
Aerene lvl 22 demo warlock, no profs yet
Whoisthetank lvl 26 monk, no profs yet
Earthen Ring:
Pallasia lvl 85 guardian druid, leatherworking 525 jewelcrafting 250ish
Eowyl lvl 85 prot paladin, mining+skinning 525
Finnean lvl 65 prot warrior, no profs yet

+some random twinks and other low level crap I'm never gonna play again xD

The basics
* Which specific days can you raid? (raid times are from 19:00 until 23:00): any day :)
* Will you be active reading and using our forums?: Only if it provides important stuff, like new raid schedules / compositions. Not for chit chat.
* You understand that when joining MO we expect you to be available as a resource for the guild?: Ofc, That's what a guild is for, right? :).
* Have you read and accepted the Code of Conduct?: Yes.
* Do you have pink goggles? (example): I could borrow my sister's, but no, sadly :(.

Guild and raid information
* Your raiding experience
Vanilla: n/a
TBC: n/a
WotLK: Ulduar (ICC patch), ICC, RS, VoA.
Cata: BH.
MoP: n/a

* Guild history (including why you left):
Devious, guild consisting of classmates :), disbanded.
Crimson Carnage, left once (2 months after cata launch) because I had trouble with how the guild was run (friendship and fun over progression, no thanks). Also quit WoW a while and joined CC as social later.
* Friend’s in MO: n/a
* Why do you wish to join MO: I want to progress through MoP raids, and Crimson Carnage can't give me that. I think MO can.
* What are your expectations from MO?: Progression.
* In what way would you take your responsibility as a member of MO?: I can help people gear up (insta dungeon queues for tanks ftw). Also bring all the crap I need for raiding (food, flasks, enchanted/gemmed gear).
* Are you currently applying to other guilds than MO?: nope.
* What makes a good guild?: Friendly, but disciplined people who are willing to help each other where needed and take responsibility.
* How did you find out about us?: trade chat.

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Offline doomday  
#2 Posted : 30 September 2012 08:23:15(UTC)
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Hello! Thanks for applying Officers will discuss your application and you should get answer in few days. Gl!
Offline Nervath  
#3 Posted : 01 October 2012 16:19:11(UTC)
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You have been ACCEPTED to the guild, as Guardian Druid.

However we want You to be ready to sometimes dps with your Feral spec.
So You are accepted as Guardian MS, with Feral OS.

You will be invited for a trial (usually about 2-3 weeks depending on activity). During that period you will be evaluated and may be granted a full membership after the trial period is up. Gaining the Member status requires high raiding activity, skill with playing your class, being prepared for the raids and also showing friendly and dedicated attitude.
The reward for all of the above is getting loot and raid invite priority over Initiates, so good luck on your way to the top! :]

Please contact one of the officers ingame for an invite. (Doomday, Kaghar, Nervath, Arelis)

Welcome to smelly family of Mystical Odour!
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