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#1 Posted : 24 June 2008 16:25:25(UTC)
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This is just suggestions from the UI community, but damn there are some great ideas.
I guess we will have to wait to woltk to see what we get but i thought id post the summary here.

Confirmed already:

The following things are already confirmed by Blizzard that this will come:
* Build-in boss-warnings (like Big Wigs and DBM)
* Build-in Closetgnome / Itemrack
* Build-in threat-meter

Full post here

The summary (part 1):


When you put a stack (for example 20) of an item on the auction house and you fill in the details like prices it will get (temp) stored. Now if you put the same item on the auction only this time it’s a ½ a stack (10) the (temp) stored settings will not convert. For example the stack was 10G then the ½ stack should say 5G. Adding this could simplify the auction interface.

Mass auction
Currently if you want to sell ten stacks of something, it involves a lot of dragging. Adding a way to do mass auctions for the same items could speed up the way to do auctions.

More search/filter options
Some people expressed the need to have more search options:
- Search for name (for example seeing somebody announce in trade he put blacksmithing on the AH)
- Stack limit (for example I only want to see a stack of 5, 10, 20 or 100)
- Hide non-buyout
- Search exact name (for example search for knothide leather and you get the heavy one also)
- Price per item
- Search un-usable (for example scrolls for your profession where you don’t have the required skill for)

Multiple UI up
When you are looking at the auction-house and you go to your own profession window the AH-UI will close. Preventing the AH-UI to close when opening another UI would help with fetching certain items.

Scroll level
Currently most scrolls in the AH show the level required instead of skill required. Changing the UI to show the skill required will help with searching the scrolls you need. For example “Formula: Enchant Boots - Greater Agility” will show up as skill 295.


Nothing here yet
Button-toolbar / Tooltips

A lot people use tooltip-mods to make sure the tooltip does achor to another place then the default place. The default place could interfere with the layout-design. Adding settings to anchor the tooltip would help a lot. An example would be to anchor to the mouse.

Currently Shamans and Hunters got many buttons on their toolbar. Adding a separate bar for Aspect and Totems (like the stance-bar) would help in clearing up the toolbar.
Character screen

New stats
Currently in the stats-window there are some missing stats. Adding these could simplify certain things:
o Gems (how many gems of what colour I have)
o Speed (how many speed to I have now. IE: Mounts)

Stat limit
A lot of people theory-craft a lot. To simplify certain stats for people it could be possible to add a maximum for stats. For example, Druids and the armor-cap, hit-rating cap etc. For hit rating it could be possible to show it like this: 100/130.

Simply put, the 300/300 language is not needed. It misleads people that they can “improve” their language.

Dressing room effect
Currently the dressing room only shows the visual side of the items. What could help a lot in choosing what item to wear would be to also give the stat side of an items. For example I would wear a cloak with lots of agility, then I would see in the dressing room how much effect that agility has on me.

Permanent rep
Currently when you want to see the results of your reputation you have to hover over the reputation-faction. Allowing to permanently show the reputation without hovering would help.

Estimate Arena
Just like the old honor days, add an estimate arena points/rating option.

Attuned to
Adding a new tab to the character-screen could be “Attuned to”. This way you can check which instances you are attuned to and which you still need to do. Along side that, also show this with inspection.

Achievements are always fun and can add more playability and unique-awards. Achievements could vary from “has cleared instance X” or “Has solo’d hogger”.

Simple and small additions; many people use mods to add a timestamp of [HH:MM] (or even [HH:MM:SS]). Adding this would mean people don’t need mods anymore for this.

Enable custom-channel item-linking
If you are in custom-channels you can’t link items/spells/quests. Some people use mods to do this. Maybe add an option to enable item-linking in custom channels.

Channel permission
If you use custom channels you can set permissions in these channels. However upon logging off (and the channel being empty) the permission details are gone. Allowing the permissions (channel owner, moderator etc) to stay for a couple of days could help. If the channel isn’t visited for a couple of days it could be deleted.

Another simple yet small addition; add mouse-scrolling support to the chat-frames.

Channel-sticking only happens for certain channels (like /p, /raid etc). Enabling support to customize this for other channels would help.

Channels names
After a while people blindly know that channel 1 is “General Chat” and 2 “Trade channel”. Enabling to customize channel names would reduce the amount of text in the chat-window. Another option would be to have an option to disable the channel-names.

Copy text
Allowing to copy posted text-lines could help in certain situations. For example a piece of combat-log.

Showing the names in chat with the correct class-colours could help into identifying a certain person’s class.


Guild calendar
Planning a raid/event/.. is currently done by extern websites. Adding a guild-calendar so people within a guild can plan certain stuff can help to organize something. Maybe even a server-wide calendar to plan RP events. Of course people can signup for these events or cancel (with reason).

More ranks
Some expressed the need to have more ranks then the default 10. This way they can add a visual of who does which task.

Just like the mod “Ratingbuster” it might help a lot of people to show people results of the items. For example:
o How much more Agility does [ITEM] give compared to [CURRENTITEM].
o How much crit and AP does agility give.
o How much stats does expertise give me.
o How much spell damage do I get from INT.
o Etc
This can be custom set by the people in the options. This would fit in with the “Easy to play, hard to master” in WoW.

Some items in WoW use a hidden-cooldown (for example on proc-trinkets). Revealing the hidden-cooldown could give people some better knowledge of the items.

Assign role
Currently when you are using the LFG/LFM-UI you constantly got to ask people what spec/role they are. Adding a way to define roles before entering the LFG could help. With roles you can think along the lines of “Tank”, “Healer” and “DPS”.

Adding PvP to the LFG/LFM-UI will help to organize pre-made groups.

Adding RP to the LFG/LFM-UI will help to organize RP-events.

Some people simply want to do instances but don’t care where to go. Some even want to check for an alt and see what’s up. Listing all LFG/LFM in the UI instead of “per instance” could help with making sure this can happen.

Lift level restrictions
Some people want to help lower level people or some still want item X from instance Y. Removing the level restriction will make sure this can happen. Along side that it will also make sure people can look for instances for an alt.

Don’t flag LFG
Some people expressed the need to be flagged as LFG while looking through the LFG/LFM. This could spark interest to see what’s up.

Roll results
Let the green/need result parse smaller. For example

Q u o t e:
Results for: [Uber item of doom]
People rolled need: Schwick (98), Nubcaek (10)
People rolled greed: Cheesecaek, Caekisnolie
People passed: Nocakename

The current method is just too spammy and the “compact” mode is too small.

Maybe a good idea to add a new UI called “/raidroll”. It will pop up a roll window and shows who rolled what and who passed. Along side that it could limit the options for certain options like “/raidroll <names>” and “/raidroll <class>”.

ML call for N/G/P
When being a master looter it’s impossible to a N/G/P call. It might be handy for the ML to call for N/G/P and let the ML see the result and he/she could assign loot that way and still limit certain rolls.

Same as the above idea, it might be an idea to ping which member is interested in the loot. It could pop up a window that asks, “Are you interested in item [ITEM]” (with options Yes/off-gear/no).

Mass mail
While mass mail is a bad idea in terms of gold-sellers, maybe limit this to only guild-members. For example a monthly guild mail to the whole guild.

Having an option to open-all mails and get the gold (and auto-delete) would make it easier in terms of auction-houses.

Allow the option to add “Friends” to the mail so you can quickly select names instead of constantly typing it.

The summary (part 2):

Mini-map / Map

Adding coordinates to the mini-map will help on guiding new people to certain locations. Currently most people use a mod for this.

Some people simply forget where North, West, South or East. Adding this to the (mini)map would simplify this for people who forget this stuff.

Setting waypoints
Hand in hand with coordinates, this could make travelling easier. Just adding a simple icon on the (mini)map and showing an arrow towards it would do.

Not full window
Having maps not in full window could improve survivability in PvP and would make the overview better.

Allowing more customization what you want to show on the mini-map and what not could help with tweaking the UI better.

Allowing zooming with the scroll-mouse-wheel could go hand in hand with customization and hiding the zoom-buttons.

More tracking
Adding the following tracking could help:
o Track cooking-fire

Currently on the map you have “World”, “Continent” and “Zone”. Adding a way to see sub-zones could help. For example you are doing a quest and it says “go to XXX in Westland”. Sometimes people forget where exactly in that place is. Sub-zones will be of course unlocked only when you discovered them. To indicate where a sub-zone is, it could be done with a small marker.

Distinctive colour between party/raid
When looking at the difference of a party-member and raid-member it’s not noticeable. Changing the colour between the two would help in terms of raiding and PvP.

Currently the world is pretty big and when searching for something you are forced to use extern websites. Adding a legend on the map displaying the following would help:
o City (+info what the city holds, maybe even a small lore section)
o Village (+info what the village holds, maybe even a small lore section)
o FP
o Instance (+level range, maybe even a small lore section)
o Trainer (if he/she/it is outside the city)
Once looking at a city you could reveal where certain vendors/banks/trainers/… are instead of enabling tracking and flying around searching for it.

New UI-mod config
The new UI-mod config menu is great but it could be bigger/scalable because some mods-config-UI are too small.

Level quest
Adding a level-range indicator next besides the quest would be more clearer then colours.

Buff check
Just like the “amount of classes” in the raid-UI, it would be nice to see the same thing with buffs. It could function as a buff check to see who is buffed and who is not buffed.

Just as above, only this time the HP/MP/AFK/DC status of the raid.

While it is possible to currently define a main-tank and off-tank it’s not possible to define them with numbers. Raiders still prefer to set MT1, MT2 etc.

Reset instance
Showing the instance reset UI like the popular calendar on the website could help to determine when a instance is resetting even before being saved.

Currently all three talent-trees are separated in tabs. Putting all three talent-trees into one window could help with the overall overview and could prevent making mistakes. An example would be a display similar to the Armory’s talent-tree layout.

Edit before confirming
Most common mistake made in the talent-tree is that people miss-press. That means people will need to spend another respec to fix that miss-press. Making the talent-tree in a way the mod “Talented” does would help a lot. Talented makes it so that you can first make a layout and once pressing “Confirm” it will apply the layout. Along side that, it would be handy to store talent-specs so that you could in theory press one button and respect to that preferred spec.

Export / Import specs
This goes hand in hand with the suggestion above. Allow the linking of specs so you could say “My spec is [SOMETHING]”. Upon clicking you get a review of his/her talent-spec. The import factor could be designing a layout on the website and then import it into the game.


Show class
Adding a small icon to the unit-frame that shows the target’s class (if it’s a human player) would help in spotting the class quicker.

Show focus
Ever since the /focus has been added to WoW mdos had to incorporate this to show the focus-target. Adding this to default frame would help to eliminate mod usage for this.

Interact with NPC
A lot of people are abusing the right-click interact with an NPC (try to right-click the NPC, but instead attack a PvP person and get killed by NPC’s). To prevent this simply add a right-click-unit-frame option and select “interact”.

Undo sale
Sometimes it happens some people make a purchase and want to undo it. Currently it is possible but upon reselling it you lose money. Adding an undo sale button and get the same amount of money back would help in preventing making mistakes. Of course, this will only last until logging out or X amount of purchases.

Move anything
Allowing customizing your layout without many mods could help. This could be done by allowing customizing the positions of buttons, mini-map, etc. Along side hiding certain things could help.

Design your UI
This goes hand in hand with the suggestion above. Allowing to replace certain art could help with making an unique interface without mods. For example you could make a “WoW/art/NAME” folder. In those folders you put the files and in-game you select which one you want to use.

Report cheater
Currently reporting cheaters in for example WSG is a pain. Adding a simple way to report them like the report-AFK/spam would help a lot.

Inspect stats
Currently when inspecting people you can only see the gear but not the stats of that person. Adding this could help better in terms of judging that person (if it comes down to stats).

Mod modules
Some mods slowly start to use modules. These modules can be deleted and won’t be loaded then. However upon downloading a new version these modules are installed again. Another way around this is to make modules a sub-mod in the “add-ons” in the character login screen. This way you can disable a module but not disable a whole mod.

Rearrange characters
Many people expressed that they want a way to rearrange their characters on the login screen. This could be done by level, name or even customize.

It is possible to add #showtooltip to a macro however, this eats characters because there is a limit. Adding a toggle to a macro that allows this should prevent this from happening.

FP timer
Some mods measure the time how long a flight takes. Adding this to WoW could simply be done by adding a (de)buff timer on how long the (estimate) time will take before touching down.

Cancel flight
Currently some people miss-click and fly to a wrong place. Some even logout to cheat the system. Simply righ-cliking the (de)buff (as suggested above) will cancel the flight.
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