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Offline Kiuzy  
#1 Posted : 06 March 2013 19:36:02(UTC)
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Player information
* Your name: Casper
* Any silly nickname from childhood?: Calle
* How old are you in real life: 22
* Where do you live: At the moment in The UK studying at UEA (in Norwich) But come from Luxembourg ;)
* At what times are you usually online: To be honest, all day really with a few exceptions

Character information
* Name: Kiuzy
* Class / Specialization / Race: Tauren (will be changed) Hunter, Currently Survival and Beastmaster (depending on the fights)
* Current Level: 90
* Total time played on this char: 22 days ( but that is only on my hunter, I have a mage on around 200+ days played And I have been playing wow since the game was released, Just changed main a few times (specified below at the raiding exp section), but I am definitely most comfortable playing a Hunter knowing every ins and outs of the class!
* Tradeskills (including secondary skills and level): 600 Leather working / 600 Skinning, 600 cooking, 535 Fishing, 600 Archaeology, no first aid though (why bother :D)
* Your profile in Armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow...maelstrom/Kiuzy/advanced

* Explain briefly your Talent choice of each Talent tier: 1st tier: More Disengages, more freedom (pretty self explanatory)
2nd tier: Silencing shot: More Raid Utility (never know when an interrupt is needed)
3rd Tier: Currently Spirit bond, but that will be changed to Iron Hawk for raiding (less
healing needed, helps healers)
4th Tier: Fevor: Currently a higher dps increase for survival than the other 2. Hands down
clear choice for survival
5th Tier: Murder of Crows: Still need to do some 5.2 testing, but still believe this
is the highes dps increase for survival.
6th Tier: Barrage: I believe this yields higher dps in 5.2 than Glaive Toss, but still need
to test this a little more.
* Are you ready to occasionally play as a different role than your main spec? Yes, of Course.

* List your Alts: Currently playing my Affliction Warlock (soon to be Demonology i believe) and my Holy Paladin (both geared 470 ilvl)

The basics
* Which specific days can you raid? (raid times are from 19:00 until 23:00): Everyday. No worries there.
* Will you be active reading and using our forums?: Erhm I am not really the forum type, but sure, I would read important topics and reply if needed.
* You understand that when joining MO we expect you to be available as a resource for the guild?: Definitely, I will support, and help out where ever i can.
* Have you read and accepted the Code of Conduct?: Yes.
* Do you have pink goggles? (example): Erhm dont quite follow im afraid. Im gonna say no?
Guild and raid information
* Your raiding experience
Vanilla: Full Molten Core clear and a few in BWL on my rogue (old main)
TBC: I only managed to clear Karazhan on my rogue (had a massive break during TBC which made me unable to play for most of the content unfortunately.
WotLK: Full Naxx 10/ 25 clear. Full Ulduar 10man (and a few HC) and full normal ICC10man (all on my druid which was my WotLK main) barely cleared any ToTC
Cata: Full Heroic BWD, BoT and ToT4W, Full normal FL clear, and full normal DS (all on my mage, my Cata Main)
MoP: Unfortunately I haven't found a guild to raid with, so I only have LFR experience (but do however know all Heroic Tacs from a mate who has clared 16/16 HC.) Hope this won't be an issue, I am a fast learner and will cause no trouble.

* Guild history (including why you left): I have only really raided in Celestial Resort which expanded due to inactive members, apart from that I have only ever PUG'ed. (apart from old expansion, but doubt that is of any relevance right now.
* Friend’s in MO: Unfortunately I do not know anyone from MO, but I am pretty Great friends with the Guild <Sparks> (Guild leader is my irl friend who has taught me almost all encounters on Heroic) they just managed to kill Sha Heroic the other day!
* Why do you wish to join MO: I heard that you are a very dedicated guild with a good progress, which is exaclty what I am looking for. I don't see myself in a new guild with no experience who will have so many difficulties just clearing one boss, without whiping 100's of times.
* What are your expectations from MO?: I hope to be in a good environment with some serious raids, and steady progress (which is my all time favourite part of raiding! (gotta love to progress!)) In general just to be with good players, have a good time, and hope to help MO out as much as i possibly can!
* In what way would you take your responsibility as a member of MO?: I hope to be a good asset to your guild, and that I will be able to bring the extra push needed to clear new bosses. I am ready to claim responsibility for whipes if i can clearly see that i caused them. I will in no way blame anyone else, I am a patient player, and won't point any fingers. I am here to help, and will do my best to assist the guild with whatever there is needed.
* How did you find out about us? I have followed your progress on WoWprogress as well as seen your recruitment message in the Trade Chat. So i thought I would give it a go :)

Thank you! :)

Edit: Forgot To mention that my Misdirection Glyph will be changed out for raiding, this is only for soloing purposes ;)

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#2 Posted : 06 March 2013 23:14:55(UTC)
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finally a replacement for kaghar :D
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Rookworst on 07/03/2013(UTC)
Offline doomday  
#3 Posted : 08 March 2013 10:50:35(UTC)
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You have been ACCEPTED to the guild!

You will be invited for a trial (usually about 2-3 weeks depending on activity). During that period you will be evaluated and may be granted a full membership after the trial period is up. Gaining the Member status requires high raiding activity, skill with playing your class, being prepared for the raids and also showing friendly and dedicated attitude.
The reward for all of the above is getting loot and raid invite priority over Initiates, so good luck on your way to the top! :]

Welcome to smelly family of Mystical Odour!
Please contact one of the officers ingame for an invite. (Doomday, Kaghar, Nervath, Arelis)
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Kiuzy on 08/03/2013(UTC)
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