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#1 Posted : 30 January 2017 01:06:20(UTC)
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Player information
* Your name: Emiel
* Any silly nickname from childhood?: no, sorry
* How old are you in real life: 35
* Where do you live: Netherlands (tilburg)
* At what times are you usually online: Evenings during the week and various times over the weekend.

Character information
* Name: Gable
* Class / Race: Paladin / Human
* Primary Spec: Retribution
* Current Level: 110
* Total time played on this char: 270 days, 2 hours, 2 minutues, 42 seconds
* Tradeskills (including secondary skills and level): BS 800 / Mining 800
* Your profile in Armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow...er/arathor/gable/simple
* Talent Build and reason for that build: The basic retribution setup 1/1/3/2/1/1/2 However when the situation calls for it I will switch for aoe talents (divine hammer) or go for speed over survivability (cavalier). But most of the time I cant be bothered :)
* If you re-spec, what would be your talent spec for end game raiding and why: Im open for suggestions.

* List your Alts: Kaliyah, Kamahl, Sturmstrike, Fodrin, Nikto, Haraan, Gormack, Sharpstone, Illdreas, Vognar, Burgondy

The basics
* Which specific days can you raid? (raid times are from 19:30 until 23:30): every monday and wensday, I will join fridays or sundays if my wife lets me (from time to time)
* Will you be active reading and using our forums?: Yes
* You understand that when joining MO we expect you to be available as a resource for the guild?: I understand
* Have you read and accepted the Code of Conduct?: Yes
* Do you have a pointy wizard hat? (for fashion purposes and bosskill screenshots!): That can be arranged

Guild and raid information
* Your raiding experience, please fill out your raiding experience on content when it was still current
i.e. If you killed Ragnoras in Molten Core when Molten Core was still a relevant 40 man raid. We really don't need to know if you have gone back and solo'd it or 5 manned Sunwell last week.

Vanilla: MC, BWL, AQ20, ZF
TBC: Karazhan, Gruul, Magtheridon, SSC, The Eye, Mount Hyial, some bosses of Black Temple
WotLK: All
Cata: All
MoP: All
WoD: All but Hellfire

* Guild history (including why you left):

Unbridled - during Classic WoW - left becasue guild died

Blaze of Glory - during The Burning Crusade - I was guildleader, we had some succes but guild bleeded out toward the end of the expansion. We struggled up to Ulduar if I am not mistaken

Aegis - Joined during Wrath of the Lichking's Trial of the Crusader - Left because once again guild died at the end of the expansion.

High Voltage - Joined during Cata - Became an officer. We had some good times. Left around MoP I think, you guessed it; guild died!

Mystical Odour - Joined as social because I knew some folks in this guild from previous guilds.

I think I may have missed a couple of guilds but they were not worth mentioning. Im not sure. Been playing this game from launch and can't keep track of it all anymore :)

* Friends in MO: more like acquaintances...
* Why do you wish to join MO: I wish to join the raiding scene again because I miss it.
* What are your expectations from MO?: I love the admos during friday drunk alt runs. I exspect to see alot of the same people but sober and focused.
* In what way would you take your responsibility as a member of MO?: I will be patient, I will be nice and I will try to bring my A-game as much as possible in order to help the guild make good progress. I wont complain when Im on the reserve list and if needed I will switch to tank spec.
* Are you currently applying to other guilds than MO? Are you kidding?! I dont wanne leave MO :)
* What makes a good guild? Fun people who are passionate about WoW and are willing to help each other during our times in Azeroth
* How did you find out about us? I'm already here (as social)

And tell us a joke! : Indians have a very long penis, Dutch people have a small but extremely firm penis. Please to meet you; my name is Winnetou de Vries... (i can hear crickets)

I want to make clear that if you guys decline my application I will understand and will continue to have fun with you guys as a social player.
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#2 Posted : 30 January 2017 03:26:27(UTC)
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Originally Posted by: Gable Go to Quoted Post
* Talent Build and reason for that build: The basic retribution setup 1/1/3/2/1/1/2 However when the situation calls for it I will switch for aoe talents (divine hammer) or go for speed over survivability (cavalier). But most of the time I cant be bothered :)

I think you got that a little bit backwards. Divine Hammer is vastly superior on anything with more than one target, which is most bosses and all trash. And on pure single target Blade of Justice is only marginally better. Zeal is better for cleave than the Fires of Justice, and on single target they are very close to each other; for me Zeal is better for single target but you should check if that is the case for you. In any case if you want a balanced talent setup that is good for AoE, cleave, and single target, then you should be going for Divine Hammer and Zeal.
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Gable on 30/01/2017(UTC)
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#3 Posted : 30 January 2017 09:57:57(UTC)
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Damn you Icy Veins and your talent suggestions!

Thanks Loknar, ill give it a try!
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#4 Posted : 30 January 2017 13:00:50(UTC)
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Thanks for the app man,
We'll discuss it and get back to you!

Protocell Bear Dudu
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Tacgnol Healthstones!

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#5 Posted : 05 February 2017 04:34:19(UTC)
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Accepted for trial, good luck!

Poke Proto for a trialist PM (if we still do that), you're already in the guild so I don't have to tell you to whisper an officer for invite!
Just whisper an officer with any questions, if I forgot anything.


P.S. I haven't written one of these replies in a while, so sorry if it's weird!
/Ida - Sitting Bear and Master in the arts of AFK & Forum Pixie

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