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Offline Skrottnisse  
#1 Posted : 15 October 2013 11:07:12(UTC)
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Saw this picture today in a Swedish newspaper;

It basically says that even the Danish people have started to have problems understanding what they say in danish films and that they have been forced to put up danish subtitles in danish movies.

I immediately started to think of that Norwegian scetch where they make fun of the Danish language, and start to wonder if this starts to become a serious problem?
What do the danish people here think? Or is it maybe only the stupid people who can't understand it?

I've seen some danish films from the 50's, and as a Swede it's soooooo much easier to understand, it's less guttural and a lot more clear in pronounciation, what happened in only 60 years?

Do you think that there will be reforms in pronounciation within the next 10-20 years.

I can understand Danish quite well, even spoken as long as the person is from the Copenhage area or at least north, but it's almost impossible when you come south.
I don't care if they do the reform to make it easier for other scandinavians to understand, but it does seem to be quiiiiiiite a serious problem if even some natives got problems understanding their own language :p.

Sure, we got some dialects in Sweden as well which I can't understand a word of, but in television we try to keep it in "rikssvenska", standard Swedish, even if some dialects are present as well.
How is it in Danish? Are dialects present in media or do you try to keep it in standard Danish? Because if that's the case, that's even a bigger problem :o.
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#2 Posted : 15 October 2013 15:42:22(UTC)
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I know the Danes have got Riksmål (Riksdansk?) too. It's pretty easy to understand - at least easier than some dialects.
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#3 Posted : 17 October 2013 09:18:15(UTC)
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Originally Posted by: Kebabnissen Go to Quoted Post
I know the Danes have got Riksmål (Riksdansk?) too. It's pretty easy to understand - at least easier than some dialects.

I can understand riksdanska quite well, I do know however that I am in a minority in Sweden. My RL-friend can't even understand Norwegian...and not just just some dialect from a tiny village where they see one car every month, but the Norwegian spoken in Oslo... He can understand the dialect in Värmland though, the county which borders to Norway close to Oslo and it's dialect is often called "Norwegian with Swedish words" over here. I always facepalm when I talk in Swedish with our Norwegian internet friend, then my friend joins in and we are forced to change to English because he can't understand a word >.>. I just keep speaking in Swedish though, I'll let them speak in English if they want to >.<.

But it's not the problem if neighbours can understand Danish or not, it's a bigger problem if the natives themselves are having problems, which hopefully is not the case for standard Danish.

Me? I do believe some reforms are in order, at least in the written language so that it better reveals how a word is pronounced.
Isn't "mor" (mother) pronounced something similar to "moee"? (I'm thinking in scandinavian pronounciation here, not as in the English "Moe" :p)

We do have some funny sounds in Swedish as well, but at least it's revealed in the written language that it's supposed to have say, a sj/sk/skj/skje-sound. Unless we decide that it's a good idea to put a g there instead, damn those g's!
I pronounced "generös" (generous) and "religiös" (religious) "jenerös" and "relijös" up to the age of 14 or so, and not the "sjenerös" and "relisjös" like it's supposed to because I didn't know >.<.

Couldn't all scandinavian languages be like Finnish, pronounced exactly how it's spelt? :D

But back to topic: You Norwegians got a huge advantage in understanding Danish as you share like 96% of it's vocabulary, you just have to know the difference in spelling and pronounciation, and of course you have some hard as fuck dialects to understand so you are already used to hearing words pronounced in different ways.
Which is also why you are so good in understanding Swedish as well, together with having Swedish TV, even if we have a smaller vocabulary in common, think it's like "only" 85% if I recall an article correctly.

Sadly many Swedes got the mentality "We don't need to learn to understand Danish/Norwegian, Sweden is the biggest country, we make the rules hurrdurr" which is just pure bullshit. Why is it bad to learn to understand a very similar language so you don't have to speak in English with your neighbours? >.>

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#4 Posted : 21 October 2013 18:53:03(UTC)
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... danish language isn't declining, the youth of Denmark is just stoopid!
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#5 Posted : 22 October 2013 23:27:40(UTC)

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when u r full capable in danish....u can come back and try spanish again ^_^
...evenwhen we´ve got our own troubles learning how to speak wit ppl in the different places of the country ¬_¬
Offline Janai  
#6 Posted : 25 October 2013 20:53:03(UTC)
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I think they're just drunk?
If there are spelling errors in this post, someone has rearranged the keys on my keyboard.
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