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#1 Posted : 09 November 2017 01:45:52(UTC)
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From a time long forgotten by many, and endured by few.

Hello all Odourettes, I found no post about the releases of classic (Sorry, if I overlooked it.)

Many years have past since we entered The Molten Core and slew The Fire Lord,
Did our attunements to the Lair,
Fought the black dragon flight,
Stood by as the gong of Silithus was rung,
and some of us even entered the liches lair, Naxxramas.
All across Azeroth we fought the vile enemies of the alliance (some of us even did it as Horde.)

So now I ask any and all. Will anyone try the same fight again? Will anyone stand to secure the peace of old? Will anyone atleast try it out?

Blessing from a long forgotten past
- Rolan, the fallen Paladin
Oh sweet! 1x (Rolan)
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#2 Posted : 11 November 2017 11:53:19(UTC)

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I think I'll try it out :D

Especially if others are going as well ^^
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#3 Posted : 17 November 2017 01:10:07(UTC)
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The best times. Hope you are all well. Legaunt.😍
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#4 Posted : 22 November 2017 00:17:09(UTC)

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Well shit
Tyfusius wrote:
But then again, you are a Russian, go do what you do best, organized crime. You guys are the only country that invented your language when piss drunk. Your language sounds like a Swede consuming humongous amounts of vodka! Go sell crazy someplace else you fucked up doorf!

Alatariel wrote:
We are doomed! other guilds will say all of MO are fucks and as proof they say look at Caly he's in that guild and we'll all be on KOS lists
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#5 Posted : 26 November 2017 03:30:01(UTC)
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Even though I'm not part of MO, I'd be interested to join and relive the old ordeal of levelling at least 2 levels on the damn troll ears that wouldn't drop and PUG a Molten Core raid with the first level 60's who had no idea what a raid was :D
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#6 Posted : 14 December 2017 04:30:38(UTC)
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Calypsys, Leggie and Rapsak! Ey guys, been a few years now! Blush 2
All well here Cool

Well, looks like atleast some are going to atleast try it out.
Would be fun to gather the once from Arathor and The Maelstrom that would want to level up the old way. (Old and new members alike.)
(Hours, days and weeks, even months of farming. To reach 60.) Vampire

I've been playing alot on Nostalrius and Elysium the last few years.
Just recently started playing retail on Arathor again as a M(F)istweaver monk. (mainly to be creepy and lurk around to see if I can spot the most beloved guild I've ever had the pleasure to be a part of.) Blush

So, if and when the classic servers comes online, I'll be starting up an MO guild as soon as I've earned the gold to capture the name.
(Shouldn't take to long, unless the servers get over populated, but I've learned a few tricks on the private servers over the years.)

I'm not one for management, so that part I hope someone else is willing to take. If we're able to form a 5-10-15-20-40 man guild that is.

Amion2, Of course.
It will be alot of dungeons to do just to get in to a raid (both quest wise and gear). But I'll be there for any and all willing to level up or just looking for help with quests and gear.

The only part I'd like to know is, what faction (and server, PvE or PvP) would be the most sought after?

Blessings from the fallen Paladin, ready to rise again.
Oh sweet! 1x (Rolan)
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#7 Posted : 16 December 2017 02:35:17(UTC)
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It indeed did take a lot of runs to get geared (curse you magister set, never dropping my robes!), but I also remember doing quite some MC runs in May 2005 with really crappy gear, and actually getting kills a bit later, still wearing 50+ rares :p! MC crappy gear

Currently I started playing again as well (though on the last server I was playing on with friends, but you can contact me on one of these characters: Priest or Paladin), though only talking to myself as I'm the last one playing in that guild ^^.

My preference would be to play on a PvE server as it makes questing easier as I often afk during questing, but if the concensus is to go PvP that won't stop me. Visually I like the Alliance better, but levelled several Horde characters as well, so don't really mind which faction is prefered.
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